Lightning and Course Policy

As warmer weather approaches it’s important to cover the lightning policy Chewelah G&CC has adopted in order to remain safe when lightning approaches. With last winter setting records for precipitation and the summer heat just around the corner, it’s safe to say we will have our fair share of thunderstorms accompanied by lightening.

Chewelah G&CC has a policy in effect utilizing a lightning detector. It detects lightning strikes accurately from 40 miles away. As a storm approaches the pro shop staff monitors the strikes until we get 2 strikes within 3 miles. At that point we will blow an air horn signaling the stoppage of play. You are to immediately stop your round of golf and head for shelter until the storm passes.

Once the storm passes we will notify golfers and they can go back out to the course and resume play. Also remember that every player has the right to stop if they feel threatened by lightning, even if the pro shop or tournament committee hasn’t blown the air horn yet. So please use your best judgement when it comes to lightning and be sure to seek permanent shelter at the clubhouse or snack shack. Stay away from trees, tall structures, low lying wetlands, and anything metal. Be safe and use your best judgment when lightning is near!