Golf Ball Selection

Does a golf ball really make a difference? The honest answer is yes, once you are playing consistent enough that you aren’t losing more than a few balls during a round of golf.

Every day I get asked about the importance of selecting a golf ball. Many times the answer is simple, because I know the player and what they are looking for in the performance of a golf ball. Other times it can take a little more investigation to determine the best ball for a particular player.

Golf balls can vary greatly. They are made from different materials, have different price points, and are designed to perform differently for individual golfers. New golf balls can range in price from about $1 each to over $6 each. Some are made to go further, some have more spin and control around the green.

A new or beginning golfer doesn’t need to spend $60 on a dozen golf balls if they are losing multiple balls during a round of golf. But, they don’t deserve to play a ball that’s many years old or has been sitting at the bottom of a lake for several years.

On the other hand, an experienced or professional golfer would be severely hindering themselves if they played an entry level golf ball. The answer is based on the brand and performance level the player is seeking. Stop by Pitt’s Pro Shop and one of our staff professionals can steer you toward the proper golf ball for you game.